Reducing our Impact

Endoscope-i as a concept and a company came about as a result of determination that we could make healthcare work better for patients and clinicians. In 2023 we celebrated the milestone of shipping over 5000 adapters to customers all around the world. As global citizens we are also passionate about doing all we can to minimise our impacts on the environment whilst still providing the highest standards of service to our customers.

Introducing the new 2023 e-i adapter

We spent the latter half of 2023 redesigning our adapters to reduce as much of their carbon footprint as possible, through reducing their manufacturing complexity, selecting new material compositions, and localising as much of their production as possible.

Our new low-carbon design significantly reduces our carbon footprint in several key areas:

  1. Material composition: The adapter chassis now produces 47% less carbon while maintaining strength and durability.
  2. Design: The hollow design requires 10% less material.
  3. Production: Utilizing low carbon additive manufacturing technology reduces energy consumption by 92.6% compared to previous methods.
  4. Waste: Each adapter generates less than 0.1g (3g CO2) of waste during production, with ongoing efforts to eliminate waste entirely.
  5. Recycling: Our adapters come in recyclable cardboard packaging, and the new material is more easily recyclable. We’re exploring greener alternatives for packaging materials.
  6. Local production: Adapters are now manufactured locally, eliminating 60g of CO2 per unit previously generated during subcontracted production.
  7. Shipping: Finished adapters are shipped using carbon-neutral or carbon-offset courier services.

What does this mean to you?

Nothing – nothing has changed from a user perspective, but EVERYTHING has changed from the planet’s perspective with our activities now showing an 88 % reduction in carbon footprint. 

To minimise unnecessary waste we are depleting our existing stocks of adapter models and phasing in their substitution for the new low-carbon design. 

We’re very proud of our new adapter series and look forward to you continuing to enjoy the benefits of our work, and the planet seeing the elimination of almost 900 tonnes of CO2 from our next 5000 adapter sales.