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We started the company in 2012 with the simple goal of improving documentation of endoscopic pathologies, and to do this without the financial burden on healthcare centres of replacing existing optical endoscopes with digital endoscopy stacks.

Our Medical Director, Mr Ajith George, was working in Otology at the time and was frustrated by the lack of access to high-quality image capture of ear pathology. Digital endoscopy stacks were often limited in supply due to their cost and were subsequently difficult to access. Using auroscopes during ward rounds offered limited views of the ear canal and were of poor quality when compared with the rigid endoscopes used in clinic, and there was no way of capturing the image so that it could be shown to patients or colleagues when discussing treatment. Furthermore, when training other clinicians it was difficult to know if they could see the same image.

Inspired by the rapidly advancing improvement in smartphone camera technology the endoscope-i smartphone adapter and e-i pro imaging software were born.

Since then, over 5000 endoscope-i adapters have been sold around the world, enabling better communication between patients and clinicians. But we’re not finished yet; there is still work to do in changing the way endoscopic images are taken, used and viewed in the service of modern medicine.

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Software development and integration

We have a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience at our disposal for the development and integration of medical software into clinical and hospital systems. If you have an idea, or are experiencing challenges in these areas – we can help.

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Product design and development

We’ve been designing for healthcare and industrial applications for some time now. We can help you to take your ideas from concept to commercial production, and advise on economics, legal requirements and regulation to bring your innovations to your customers in the right way.

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Development of NHS services

The NHS is a complex beast, with many stakeholders and regulatory challenges all of which are designed to ensure maximum digital security and data safety. You can take benefit of our knowledge and experience in the successful integration into NHS services and bring your innovation to the service of UK healthcare.

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Chris Coulson


Ajith George

Medical Director

Simon Pargeter

Technical Director

Mark Prince

Design and Production Engineer

Matthew Gilbert

Software Integration Specialist