The new endoscope-i smartphone adapter

small changes, with an even smaller impact

Images are representative, actual product may differ in colour and appearance

The new endoscope-i adapter is engineered, but not over-engineered

ensuring a better fit on your smartphone, and perfect optical alignment with your endoscope

The adapter is produced from smaller parts reducing production times and simplifying recycling

The bezel element allows small movements between the eyepiece and adapter chassis

Relieving stresses applied to the adapter without causing it to loosen

The new nameplate feature enables customisation of the adapter to match specific customer requirements, ensuring tailored specifications information display for individualised preferences.

The assembly of the adapter chassis is securely conducted before shipping, guaranteeing a consistent user experience without any alterations.

Upon installation, users have the flexibility to add and reuse the locking ring and collet, allowing for their continued use even during subsequent adapter upgrades.


Noise whilst using the adapter indicates that forces are being applied to the endoscope

Stress-relieving movements in the bezel element are designed to be almost imperceptible – you should not see their effects on your images

Noises increase when higher forces are applied the adapter, warning that the damage may result of further loading

The new ei adapter is green*

91 % less CO2 emissions in manufacture

95 % less energy used in its manufacture

sourced locally, eliminating production emissions from transportation

100 % recyclable

The new adapter will be available with the latest iPhone releases and later be rolled out to earlier devices as adapter stocks are depleted

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